Big Boobs Celebrities – Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities With Big Boobs in 2018

Big boobs Hollywood celebrities 2018

Do you believe in the saying, the bigger the better?

Well, we do, particularly when it comes to big boobs in real and on screen!

There is no denying that busty girls are admired everywhere, and if it is a celebrity with heavy and big natural boobs, the admiration goes beyond imagination.

Of course, these females add more allure on the screen and serve as the crowd-puller for the producers.

But sadly, only a handful of celebrities are naturally blessed with such attention grabbing breasts – others tend to go to extreme lengths to look this gorgeous.

Well, who are these busty queens of 2018 that give us those sleepless nights and can increase the temperature higher and higher even with their brief appearances.

Here’s the Top 10 Celebrities with Big Boobs in Hollywood for 2018;

  1. Kim Kardashian
  2. Christina Hendricks
  3. Charlotte McKinney
  4. Nicki Minaj
  5. Katy Perry
  6. Kate Upton
  7. Beyoncé
  8. Kylie Jenner
  9. Mariah Carey
  10. Georgia Kousoulou

1. Kim Kardashian

Believe it or not, the reality star’s curves are far more famous than an A list celebrity!

kim kardashian boobs

Seriously! People love to talk about her, read about her, and more importantly, follow what she does to contribute to glamour!

Kardashian, who is quite familiar about her fan’s craze for her, never fails to disappoint them.

She intentionally poses nude or dons revealing outfits to let her fans get enough of her!

Well Kim, our love for you is eternal and we will never get enough of your killer curves- ever.

While gazing at her sculpted hour glass body, one would take time to agree that she is actually, a mother of three!

Inspiring- isn’t it?

2. Christina Hendricks

While we talk about actresses with arresting breasts, we cannot miss to mention Joan of the famous television series Mad Men.

Christina Hendricks boobs

The 42 years old lady love of Geoffrey Arend is heavily admired for her bold and beautiful looks all across the world.

No doubt, her assets can make anyone go crazy for her.

She’s got a great set of heavier and perkier breasts that wholly intensify her sex appeal and make her look desirable for men.

Considering her perpetual beauty and never fading appeal, we do not doubt that age is just a number for this beauty goddess!

3. Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte can make our pulse go racing via her instant glimpse!

Charlotte McKinney boobs

The hot, blonde has an incredible breast size that is mostly craved my men and wanted by women.

No matter what she wears, she truly looks out of this world.

The bombshell, on top of having a sexy figure has an amazing dressing sense.

She better knows what to wear and how to carry herself appropriately. For me, she is the epitome of sexiness!

Truly. Her nicely carved figure with those perfectly bulging boobs is something you cannot afford to miss.

I still wonder, who can ever get over her appearance in that white, form-fitting attire she donned in a launch event?

4. Nicki Minaj

Well, it’s not rare to witness the spectacular, jaw-dropping assets of Nicki Minaj- the 35 years old who has never been confined to limits.

Nicki Minaj boobs

The rapper-cum- actress seems quite confident in baring her perkier breasts- and why not, after all her figure is as admiring as her ‘fearless’ fashion sense.

No wonder, she pulls equal audience from her appearance like she does from her singing.

Her larger breast size in such a petite body frame has often rooted several doubts about Minaj’s connection with implants; nonetheless, the secret to her big, lovely boobs still remains a mystery!

5. Katy Perry

Then we have Katy Perry in the category of celebrities with big boobs.

Katy Perry boobs

The well-shaped, larger sized breasts of Katy are surely an attraction in her, apart from her grayish-blue eyes of course.

The former wife of Russell Brand is good enough to fetch a great deal of attention through her killer looks and mind blowing smile.

with her heavy breast that serves as the icing on the cake.

The most commendable quality of Katy lies in her ability to outshine every look she experiments.

No matter what attire she tries or what look she gives to herself, she simply adjusts to it quite well.

6. Kate Upton

If it’s about enviable cleavage, my vote goes for Kate Upton.

Kate Upton boobs

There is no denying that the 25 years old has some jaw-dropping cuts in her figure, especially her bigger than the normal sized boobs that steals the most attention for her.

The overnight sensation has always been in the limelight owing to her for tennis.

As the word tennis hit my mind, I recall the magic she created showcasing her hot figure in a thong.

She literally looked like a hot angel, putting the world on fire.

Well, Kate surely knows how and when to hit us hard! More power to you girl!

7. Beyoncé

Now it’s not just the bigger boobs we will appreciate Beyoncé for, she is a complete bombshell that has a bewitching personality.

Beyonce Boobs

From her talent to her grace, every single aspect of her is notable.

With a career spanning over two decades, Beyoncé position is completely irreplaceable in the industry.

The halo singer, on top of her singing abilities, has a charming figure with fuller and perkier breasts.

Considering her size, it is nearly difficult to agree that she is a mother of three.

She still has that charisma and sex appeal which is rare to notice after multiple births.

Well, motherhood has stirred no visible changes in Beyoncé physique as she looks desirable even to this date.

8. Kylie Jenner

Kardashian-Jenner sisters are hard to miss when we tend to discuss surgeries, pregnancies or controversies!

kylie jenner boobs

Truly, it looks like the sisters do not mind going to extreme lengths to be in the public eye all the time.

Now whether it is natural or a boob job done, Kylie’s breasts seem to be in a perfect shape to us.

Apparently, she is following Kim’s footprints to stardom- after all, that’s what a good sister does!

The curvy stunner, who has recently delivered a baby girl from her beau Travis Scott is expected to bounce back with a flawless figure sooner or later.

On a good note, we congratulate Kylie on her little bundle of joy and wish her happy motherhood!

9. Mariah Carey

Another busty queen of 2018 is Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey boobs

The once plus-sized singer Mariah is sporting a perfectly toned body these days!

No wonder, the 48 years old Mariah looks far more in form than a girl in her twenties.

Mariah, who was quite out of shape a couple of years back, has bounced back to a slimmer and toner physique, through healthy living.

Indeed, she is an inspiring figure with a spell bounding personality. On top of that, she’s got good assets to make men crazy!

Anyways, we don’t doubt why women are envious of Mariah- after all, her charm and sexual magnetism is hard to handle!

10. Georgia Kousoulou

At last on our hit list is Georgia Kousoulou- the 26 years old British national with a deadly combination of beautiful looks and engorged breast.

Georgia Kousoulou boobs

The curvy girl has always enjoyed great limelight along with her love interest, Tommy Mallet.

Tommy, who sounds to be a caring boyfriend has always supported and stood by Georgia.

People love their chemistry and look forward to see them together.

The femme fatale’s fitness and her boobs in particular, are worth the extra attention she always grabs from the public.

Well, we always admire beauty Georgia, and you define beauty with your killer looks!

These were the top ten celebrities with bigger, fuller and perkier boobs!

We hope that we’ve not forgotten your favorite one!

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